Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Santa...

It's been a great year and I've done my best to be good. I love my family and my friends and am very grateful for the birth of my delightful daughter this year. I'm thankful for the opportunities which have come our way this year to enrich our lives. Do you think you might see your way clear to put a couple of these under the tree for me?

 1. May Gibbs - More Than A Fairytale - Many years ago I visited the May Gibbs house 'Nutcote' in Sydney with my husband. It's a modest house in a grand harbour location and it cemented my adoration of May Gibbs. This biography would be a great stocking filler. Sadly I will have to read it and leave it packed in a box for a while .... see gift 5.

2. Gorman 'Dreamtime' Ruffle Dress - I like Gorman, yes indeedy. I wish I could be adventurous enough (and affluent enough) to indulge in more of their creations, however I'll settle for just this dress this Christmas, please. And I do think it would fit well with the New Caledonian way of life.

3. Trollbeads 'Palm Island' silver and glass bead - I have a Trollbeads bracelet. It's hard to locate sellers of Trollbeads ('the original since 1976') as Pandora has become ubiquitous. Lucky for me, there's a shop that sells them not minutes away. Lucky for Santa, too.

4. Shubar 'Peachy' brogues - I saw these shoes a couple of weeks ago in store and haven't been able to stop thinking about them. Disappointingly, I see they are sold out online so perhaps a few phone calls are in order about town to locate some. They are rather jolly, aren't they?

5. iTunes gift card - Boring but necessary. Given that I won't be able to take any CD's, DVD's or books (these items are all beginning to sound so last decade!) to New Caledonia, I need to go digital. It's less wrapping for Santa as well.

So, Santa, does this clear things up???

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