Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here we go....

So, first post.

And it's cooking! My son's third birthday is coming up and I have a lot to do. We're having just a few family and friends at home for a fingerfood style BBQ, so I thought I'd do some lamb koftas which I can prepare ahead, freeze and then pop in the oven on the day to reheat. It's a recipe I've done a couple of times before from 'The Essential Fingerfood Cookbook' by Murdoch Books.
I did a batch last weekend and they were so good! Several didn't make it to the freezer :) But because we rolled them a bit bigger than the recipe asked for, I thought I'd better do another batch to make sure there are enough for everyone. Unfortunately I had run out of tomato paste, so rummaged through the fridge and substituted BBQ rib sauce instead. I also had about half a cup of cooked cous cous left from lunch so added that as I've used that as a binder for meatballs before and they taste great! And into the freezer. All I have to do is defrost the day before and heat them in the oven on the morning and serve with a simple yoghurt sauce and some cocktail sticks.

Still a lot to organise though! And a trip to the snow before then to focus on as well, which I'm really looking forward to.

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