Thursday, July 28, 2011

Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair

This morning I raced around like a mad hare trying to get myself, Jack and Nellie out the door reasonably early so I could get to the Craft and Quilt Fair. There were some sacrifices which had to be made in order to achieve the 8am deadline - couldn't wash my hair, only gave Nellie a breastfeed and took the bottles with me, and I relied on childcare to give Jack breakfast. Felt slightly guilty about this one but I knew they did breakfast there until about 8.30am so I swallowed down the guilt and dropped him off.

My excursion was not really one of immersing myself in quiltiness, primarly because I don't quilt. I was anticipating to just dip my toe into the crafty and knitting aspects in the hope it might drive some a) creativeness and b) time to think creative thoughts and c) time to actually get crafty. It did manage a bit of a()and b) however still working on c), which probably makes a) and b) an indulgent waste of time.  I did, however, come away with some happy thoughts on such a beautiful day and also a couple of treasures:

 Firstly I was sucked in by the Peruvian crochet-type balls. Not really sure how they're made, but the lovely lady from Prudence Mapstone had a necklace all made up and I was drawn to it's sparkliness and decided I had to make it. It looked realistically achievable in one night and at the moment that is the big driver for my craft projects! So I came away with these balls which are much sparklier than the photo shows. A project for next week once Jack's birthday party is out of the way.

I also had to have these earrings and hair elastic from B2 Buttons & Beads. They had a vast array of these plus badges, magnets and other items covered in gorgeous japanese fabrics, and at ridiculously good prices, so I had to include a pair of earrings for my mum as well. They really do look gorgeous on.

I was tempted by many other things but as time is not on my side right now, I've decided to wait until the Craft and Sewing Show in October when I'll hopefully be full of renewed vim and vigour (and time) for crafting.

The other exhibitors which got me lingering longer were Stitches and Spice, where I saw some really gorgeous 'sayings' cross-stitch patterns. I like cross-stitching although I haven't done it for ages, but it inspired me do give it another go.

Duckcloth had really divine fabrics including Liberty, linens and cottons. Kelani also had lots of yummy fabrics as well as Amy Butler and Make It Perfect patterns. I particularly liked one for a short kaftan in a floaty cotton - on the must-make list (it's a long list).

Lastly, she of 'You Sew, Girl!' fame, Nicole Mallalieu's stall was joyous, packed full of her bags and hats. It was very busy and I had a short chat to Nicole about lack of time to sew and develop sewing skills and took away one of her workshop leaflets to book in for a course with her at her premises in Northcote.

So by the time I prised Nellie from all her adoring crafty fans (she really did pull out some of the cutest smiles today!) and got home, it was mid-afternoon and I needed a nap. Just need to get through this weekend of cleaning and cooking and then Jack's little party on Sunday and his Second Skin appointment on Monday and I have a few days to think about the next project!

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