Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small (crafting) achievements

It's been a weird week, coming off a busy weekend with Jack's birthday party (for which we were blessed with excellent weather and fine friends and family) to Jack's fitting for a Second Skin on Monday, to Chadstone on Tuesday and churning through mountains of washing at home yesterday, hence, no blogging. This weekend we will be spending some time in lovely central Victoria in Woodend with Rob's family to celebrate his dad's 70th birthday, and given the weather forecast is inclined towards indoorsy activities, I've decided to dust off the knitting needles and try to use up some of my wool stash to knit something.

This also got me thinking that it's really been some months since I made anything, and which of my most recent creations are my favorites, so here they are:

Okay, so this one isn't really recent, in fact it's the 'Birthday Beanie' I made for Jack's first birthday. Being a July baby, I thought a celebratory beanie would be more practical, but it's so stretchy I think he'll still be celebrating with it for years to come. They mittens I made before December and were really my first proper pair that I knitted and they came out perfectly. I was pregnant and in that 'nesting' frame of mind - maybe that helped? Both patters came from a great Cleckheaton pattern book called 'Handknits to Wrap and Adorn' which I have knitted from many times now.

Then there's this kid-sized beanbag which I made about a year ago for Jack. We used it with him laying on it on it's side (more stability) for him to have his night-time bottle. I got the fabric from Spotlight and it only took a day to make. I used an old sheet for the inner bag. I still have half a bag of foam beans left so might make another one soon. This pattern came from Kelly Doust's book 'The Crafty Kid'. She has another crafty/vintage book coming out soon called 'Minxy Vintage' so I'll be definitely checking that out, too.

Lastly is my most recent project, which I am a little disappointed with, mainly because the blanket I chose looks a bit pov, but also because my lovely husband hung it crookedly! But it adds color to Jack's bedroom wall and does look a bit funky. I call it the Book Blanket. The inspiration came from a similar one in Amanda Blake Soule's book 'Homemade Home'.

So now to dive into my wool stash and trawl through my pattern books for ideas. I've created a list of lovely-sounding shops to visit in Central Victoria, having already worded up my husband of what to's a fair trade isn't it? I get to nosy through craft and junk shops in exchange for a weekend away with his extended family??? Sounds fair to me!!!

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