Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Real Piece Of Knitting...

Well, I may be getting ahead of myself, but I have decided to knit something Real. I enjoy knitting but am not confident and have limited myself to small projects like beanies (lots of them!) and the occasional easy baby cardy, mittens or blankets. But I've decided to step up to the Big Girl knitting plate and knit something for myself. A Real Piece of Knitting.

Our chilly weekend in Woodend with my husband's family inspired me to take the plunge when I visited Pick Up Stitches. I spotted this Sirdar pattern and the words 'Easy Knit' and decided to give it a go. I picked a different Sirdar 'Crofter' wool in browns and mauves, which knits into the striped effect shown, and an Heirloom wool in a mushroom colour. I will start looking around for some buttons to match, hopefully something vintage. 

I did manage to knit one mitten for Nellie over the weekend in between the extended family madness of shopping and meals, so I plan to complete the second one this week and have promised myself that the cardy begins this weekend. With luck the weather will be horrible and just perfect for sequestering myself in front of the TV with past seasons of The Closer or Big Love and a steaming mug of T2 French Earl Grey tea! And all things going to plan, I can post an update next week...

By the way - Mum, make sure you are contactable this weekend :)

Honestly, with a crazy life like mine, who can keep up???

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