Thursday, August 11, 2011

New favourite :: Sew La Tea Do

A few days ago I picked up my copy of Pip Lincolne's most recent crafty tome 'Sew La Tea Do'. I'm not sure how things work in the crafty book industry ie. is it like in the music business where critics bang on about the 'difficult second album'? -  but this is even better than her first book a few years ago, 'Meet Me At Mikes'. In fact, when I picked it up from Coventry Bookstore in South Melbourne where I ordered it (they'd sold out! Eeks! I had to WAIT!) the very lovely gentleman suggested that I looked like I couldn't wait to get home and dive into it. And he was so very right. And so last night, sitting in bed while my husband gave Nellie her bottle next to me, I took my first peek. And it was goooooood.

The patterns in both are quite simple, with quirky patterns for kids and adults as well as homestuff like cosies and blankets. I'm so very looking forward to getting stuck into some of the lovely patterns and to just having a good perv at the gorgeous photography of the lovely treasures that Pip has pulled together for each shot. I find the grouping of eclectic vintage bits very inspiring and some of those old things bring back memories for me of my childhood so it's a nice fuzzy feeling to leaf through.

Does it sound like I have a bit of a girl crush on Pip??? It gets better because the best news is that Pip has a new book out in October called 'Make Hey while the Sun shines' so that will be on my Christmas wishlist! Check out her blog as well!!!

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