Sunday, August 28, 2011

A day of blessings...

Today Nellie was inducted into the Hall of Catholics. That great hall full of prayer and guilt and rosaries and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today Nellie was baptised.

Nellie wore a knitted layette dress and coat and matching bonnet which were made for me as a baby by my mother's grandmother. Her petticoat and bib were made by my mum this week. Our very good friends Liz and Chris are godparents.

We had such a great day, kicking off with brilliant sunshine, followed by a fantastic mass with Father Bob McGuire, and wrapped up the festivities with a celebratory feast at home with family and friends; basking in the glory that comes with reflection, repletion and wonderous weather.

Everybody contributed to the meal, which included a magnificent lemon layer cake made by my very clever baking friend Georgia, and my variation on the usual pavlova.

Truly a day to count one's blessings.

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