Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unleash the inner seamstress - Must Have This.

I am a sporadic seamstress. In truth, I am sporadic with many things - knitting, cleaning, keeping in touch with friends - but particularly sewing.

I am enthusiastic and have some skill but lack patience, time and a good set up. Also my machine is temperamental. It was my 21st present from my family, the gift I always wanted for my 21st since I was about 12. It has served me well. But it was a fairly basic model and appropriately so.

Surely the Singer 160 (I can't type this without feeling a bit giddy in a Harry Potter-type of way as if admiring the Nimbus 2000) is the PT Cruizer of sewing machines. Modern technology styled-over with retro fittings. You either love it or hate it.

I love it. Singer styling without weary treadle feet. Black sleekness with gold detailing, even on its fancy stitch buttons.

This, surely, would cure me of my sporadity - for sewing, at least!

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