Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY bracelets - with or without a needle.

Picture the scene: you've got somewhere to go, you know what you're wearing, but the accessories just aren't going to work. What you need is a bracelet. But wait - there's no time, and anyway, you're broke. What to do?

Settle down, honey. You can do it yourself. Yes you can. And here's three options.

Okay, so can you knit? That's right, knit! A bracelet! Check out this beaded beauty from Jezze Prints, which takes just a scrap of yarn and a few leftover beads and a cup of tea and a Tic Toc:

What's that, you say? Can't knit to save yourself! No stress! Grab a coffee, a dark chocolate Tim Tam and a crochet hook and knock together a few knots to whip up this cutie from Cut Out + Keep with a bit of yarn and a handful of seed beads:

Or, if you're fresh out of seed beads, try this one from Wren Handmade via The Purl Bee:

If, by now, you are on the verge of tears, devoid as you are of needle, be it of the knit or crochet variety, all is not lost. Do you have fingers? Yay! There is a bracelet project just for you!

This clever needle-less bracelet needs just a bit of jersey (get ripping on that old t-shirt!), a glass of white and a Jatz cracker, together with some fancy finger-fiddling, to knock together the bracelet of choice for the modern hipster or hipsterette. From V and CO, I present you the fingerknitted bracelet:

Whew! Crisis averted. Enjoy your night!

All these bracelet projects were found via the very excellent Craftzine. Click on any link to be taken to bracelet tutorial heaven!

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