Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 things I love about my kids...

It's been a hectic couple of weeks in our house, and we are facing some decisions which could have big implications for all of us. There have been several doctor's appointments, new equipment for Jack, crazy spring weather and a possum decided to end his days by the back door. So sometimes it's good to just be thankful for things. So here are 10 reasons I love my kids:

1. Smiles - both Jack and Nellie have lots of them.

2. Healthy - Jack has his CP and Nellie has developed a crazy bump on her forehead (which we're told should go away) but they are both healthy. Got to be thankful for that.

3. They're friends. For now anyway!

4. Jack has a great sense of humour. He likes to be silly and watch others be silly. Watching him enjoy is a joy to me. And Nellie's nerdy laugh is hysterical.

5. Manners - Jack has good manners for his age and it's nice when people comment. Not sure if he'll still have them when he is a teenager but it's a good start.

6. Sleep - From about 8 weeks Nellie has pretty much slept through most nights. I still can't believe it. Jack is not so good, but is getting better and we're only getting up to him a couple of times a night now.

7. Appetite - So far, both of them eat most things. Okay, Nellie eats ALL things; Jack is not so keen on broccoli and tomato. But makes up for it by loving olives.

8. Finding their own peace - nothing is so delightful than laying in bed at night and listening to Jack gently sing to himself - ABC, Twinkle Twinkle, Incy Wincy Spider - and tell stories to his band of Care Bear, Policeman and Iggle in bed.

9. Their dad. He drives me nuts but is a pretty good father.

10. They're all mine.

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