Monday, September 26, 2011

The Body Cycle has arrived!

As I posted here, Jack got his Second Skin at the beginning of last week, which was a big milestone. The week ended in a big way as well when his Body Cycle arrived late Friday afternoon:

Arrival! Wrapped in plastic...

Jack's Body Cycle is a specially geared, custom-made trike. It allows him to learn to pedal without the resistance of a standard bike or trike. It has a special belt to hold him stable and straps on the pedals to keep his feet anchored. It also has a push-bar at the rear which enables us to steer for him as he develops the strength to pedal and control his body.

It arrived shrink-wrapped on a pallet and needed some minor assembly. The initial ride was without the Second Skin or arm wraps, and Jack's control was not great. But this morning he had another go, delivering some homegrown supplies to my neighbour, with the Second Skin and arm wraps on and the difference was significant. He's still probably a touch small for it and can't yet pedal by himself, but I'm sure in the weeks to come he will start to develop the knack and the strength.

Some minor assembly...

As is the way for any customised equipment, the Body Cycle comes at a price - about $1500 for this bike. It is adjustable and will grow with him for about 3 or 4 years, and the quality is excellent. And Australian made! But it was only made possible through approved government ECIS funding, who fortunately saw the therapeutic and social benefit for Jack.

Initial tentative ride...

Like the Second Skin, the Body Cycle opens up a new world for Jack, of independence and mobility. He chose the red color and we intend to get a basket on it so he can carry things around (and keep making those deliveries for Mum!) And as you can see by the smile on his face, he loves it!

Set for blast off this morning!

(A  gratuitous picture of Nellie!)

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