Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some days are coffee, some days are tea...

...and today is tea. Some days are like that. I decided to have a play and get together some of my favorite tea things. As you can see, spots and florals dominate in more ways than just the crockery.

To begin with, I am a bit of a tea leaf snob. I rarely enjoy a teabag, although Madame Flavour is pretty good. Tea bags have their place. But it's preferably not in my cup. I much prefer tea leaves, and although I pictured my Nana's old strainer here, I rarely use it, unless the leaves are very big. I do often use a metal tea ball if I'm just making one cup, but I quite like there to be some random loose leaves floating around the bottom of the cup, so the teapot really is my favourite tea dispensary. My favourite is the 1940's green one with the metal warmer as photographed - I was devastated when it got chipped a few weeks ago, so it's now only for occasional use.

I have really been loving T2 for a long time. To begin with I was a big fan of Girlie Grey, but now I cycle through Black Rose, French Earl Grey and Madagascan Vanilla. I'm also known to dip into other black teas like Lapsang Souchong and Melbourne Breakfast and occasionally the fruity ones like Botanica.

I used to have my tea with milk, but changed to black as I was finding the taste quite cloying in the mouth. I really think tea is better black - you can taste it better, it stays warmer longer, and the antioxidants work better! Although I can't really handle heavy tannins, so I tend to have it a bit weak.

I probably drink only about 3 cups a day. Some days I'll break it up with a coffee late morning, and sometimes a coffee to start on a weekend day if I'm having a cookup - but generally the day starts, and ALWAYS ends, with a cup of tea. And it's really been that way from my mid-teens.

So a bit of fluff today. My last few posts have been a bit heavy so it's time to look at the lighter side of life for a bit. And time, of course, for a refreshing cup of tea.

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