Thursday, December 22, 2011

Inspirations :: It's a wrap.

Beautiful snowflake garlands from Oh Happy Day!
Unfortunately I've already done most of my Christmas wrapping, so I've stumbled across these very fabulous wrapping posts too late to save my drab-looking gifts. However, being a benevolent type of lady and in the interests of helping the rest of gift-wrapping humanity, I'm passing them on to you in case it's not too late.

Maya Made

Maya Made
 Truth be told, in the olden days of B.C. (before children) I was able to produce gift-wrapping much more in the spirit of these lovely pictures (if not with exactly the same amount of talent!). Alas, in these days of A.C. (yes, after children), it's hard to replicate much more than a hasty slap-up of cheap paper, curling ribbon and a scrawled gift-tag rescued from a scrap bit of cardboard. Haste is the key word, before sticky hands unravel the ribbon or paper roll, or turn my roll of sticky tape into a congealed ball of plastic and fluff, or to get it done in the interval between putting the 3 year old on and then off the potty.

Doily delights at Mondocherry

Such imaginative and artistic creations, which at once BEG you to have it but then is too gorgeous to open, do leave me with a tinge of inadequacy. I do believe in miracles, no matter how small. That being said, it would be a miracle for me to pull off such gift-wrapping anytime soon.  Until then, one can admire and dream.

Lovely ribbons at Morning's Light
Happy Wrapping!

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  1. I still have the felt star gift tag you made me a few years ago, it had my name on it and was embellished with sequins. Glorious! Do you remember?