Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Santa....more ideas for you.

Recently I posted about some ideas for Santa to help his/her shop-weary brain to think of some treasures to fill my stocking on Christmas Eve. This was in response to the questions from family asking what I want, which I hate answering because I like suprises, but I also don't like getting things which I don't appreciate because it's so wasteful, so it's a means to an end and I apologise in advace for that. Hence the rather obvious Blog of Hints.

I have been further considering options, to accomodate all budgets, you understand, and have happened upon a few additions:

1. frankie magazine: I received this latest copy of frankie in the mail today. I'm saving it for a quiet moment with a steaming hot cup of tea. Unfortunately for me, my subscription is running out. Fortunately for Santa, this presents an golden opportunity....

2. Karma Currency: Karma Currency is a central hub for charity gift vouchers. I used this recently for a family member for their gift. It's easy to use: you select your desired charity, select the amount you wish to donate on your recipient's behalf and choose for a charity gift voucher to be sent either to yourself to give, or directly sent to your recipient. Couldn't be easier to be philanthropic.

3. A Chorus Line: I love me a good musical with some hoofing and showtoons! A reserve, please, Santa. Oh, okay, B reserve is fine too. Get a ticket for yourself as well and we'll make a night of it!

4. Gorman 'Ultra Violet' dress: Really, this dress must have been designed just for me. Not that I've even tried it on yet. I know. But this dress and I are kindred spirits already, I can just tell (with apologies to Anne Shirley).

5. Shubar 'Harmony' mary-jane's: Which by happy coincidence would look so pretty with the aforementioned dress......

With luck this solves some problems and takes some pressure of Santa. Who needs the extra worry at this time of year?

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