Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An open letter to Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott: A Christmas Wish.

Dear Prime Minister Gillard and Leader of the Liberal Party Mr Abbott,

I have a Christmas wish which you can grant myself and all the people of Australia, if you can just put ego and point-scoring to one side.

Can you please fix this boat people thing.

Continual reports and pictures of people drowning or dying by suicide, or becoming mentally ill because of the way we are accepting them, or trying not to accept them, is undignified for them and embarrassing for all Australians. It's not decent. It doesn't make sense. And this, if ever there was one, should be the time for decency and common sense to prevail.

I'm not neccessarily a Labor or Liberal voter. I don't particularly want to see Australia's population grow too much, or our jobs be threatened, or have any particular bias towards one race or culture or another. It's not about any of that. I just want the pain and suffering to stop.

If it means agreeing to a Malaysia solution as an interim, with plans for a better long term solution, fine. It can be done. You shuffle this way, they shuffle that way and viola! Agreement and a positive outcome. And a start.

It's overdue.

In the name of humanity, peace and all the souls already lost, please take the time.

And have a nice Christmas with your families.

Yours respectfully,

R. Burgoyne

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