Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Knit and put your feet up - the Knitted Pouf.

I have a bit of a pouf obsession. There, I've said it.

I like nothing better than the idea of a colorful, comfortable bally-type ottoman which I can rest my feet, book or bottom on, which also is a stylish addition to virtually any room. I hover over them and admire whenever I spot a spiffily crafted pouf. Alas, to date, I do not own one. And my feet end up on the couch every night. Not ideal.

However, I have spotted another very excellent knitted pouf which I love. It comes from Pickles via Craftzine, and is in the form of a nifty tutorial. Just the thing to while away balmy days in the tropics. And that's just in the making!

I have posted about poufs before. I also own patterns for beautiful poufs, such as this Amy Butler one, which I will be taking with me to New Caledonia later this year as something to make and personalise our house during our stay there.

So, another addition to my list of covetted poufs. There is plenty of fabric in my stash which would be gorgeous - some vintage, some bought in Asia - so there's really no excuse (...other than, er, time, something I don't yet have...) to not get stitching and create my very own comfortable and pretty pouf. And, finally, put my feet up.

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