Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Swing it with DIY saddle shoes.

Well, hello there!

It's been another hiatus from posting, what with one thing or another - but don't think I haven't been thinking about you. Quite the opposite!

Today I discovered this excellent DIY saddle shoe project via Craftzine, one of my all time favorite crafty sites due to the diversity of projects it showcases. It comes from an uber-cool gal called Morgan who blogs hip stuff at Panda Head.

Those of you who know me would realise that I have had cause to lust after various pairs of glammy saddle shoes in the quest to perfect a swingout, Shim Sham or even a bit of hand to hand (been known to participate in a few Collegiate Shags as well) - such is the magnetic appeal of Lindy Hop and all it's closely related funky cousins (Charleston, Balboa, Blues etc).

The perfect moves need the perfect shoes. Or at least some really cheap shoes which are good enough to be the real deal from a distance and cut it for mid-week lessons. Or shopping. Or kicking around at the park. Whatevs.

Enter: Miss Morgan.

Morgan uses a pair of pretty cheap and readily available sandshoes - I quickly googled and discovered that Target has almost identical shoes for just $8. Add a heavy texta and a bit of paint and a quiet Saturday afternoon and you are stylin'.

These would also be fab shoes for kids taking any sort of dance lesson (maybe not ballet or tap - unless you want to add the steep taps of course!) and they could help to colour them up.

Saddle up and have fun.

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