Saturday, October 1, 2011

Five minutes in the garden...

Spring in Melbourne is a fraught season weather-wise, and that's saying something given Melbourne's fickle climate at the best of times. The past few weeks have been everything from torrential rain and hail with freezing temperatures, to sunny, balmy mid-twenty degree days when even I was tempted to wear something which exposed the knees (I resisted).

It was a few days ago on one of the in-between days of intermitting brilliant sun and threatening clouds that I took a few shots of the garden while I harvested some vegies for dinner. The late cauli's are doing really well, and for the first time we have a really successful pea crop. The broadbeans will also be ready soon, and there are beetroot, globe artichokes and swedes to find recipes for.

The foxgloves, lilac and salvia are also looking good. My poached egg plants have been terrorised by the chooks so I think I will overplant them with something else - I'll need to get myself to the local nursery to get inspired for the part shade spot they occupy. I also want to get some hydrangea's into a new spot we built in autumn after Nellie was born which has lain vacant, waiting for some warmth and a planting plan.

When the rain lifts this week it will be time to plant some early tomatoes and basil and get some more lettuce in - sunshiney days really do want a fresh salad to go with them so it's time to get digging!

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