Sunday, October 30, 2011

My top five style wanna-be's.

It's Sunday and a day to faff about. Jack and the husband are off my hands for the day, Nellie is just about asleep, and before I attack my half-made skirt project in an attempt to complete it (on this perfect Sunday for sewing - cold and rainy!), I thought I would share a list.

So, in this week of Melbourne racing fashion of which I never part-take (partly because I'm usually to busy, mostly because I have nothing to wear), here is my top 5 celebrity women I most admire and/or envy in the style stakes:

1. Reese Witherspoon.

As you will notice from the pics I've selected, my list is not one based on the red-carpet. Anyone with a bit of fame and fortune can get designers falling at their feet to wear their dress/diamonds/makeup/handbag, but getting it together on the weekend when there is no assistant to dress you and apply the false eyelashes is in my opinion, are more fair judge of true personal style.

Reese has always been a favorite of mine. Not only did I love her turn at imitating June Carter in 'Walk the Line', both fashion and singing-wise, and not only do I covet her hairstyles, but her whole style is so relaxed but elegant. Number one wanna-be.

2. Helen Mirren.

Okay, a severe jump in age here, but we all have to have plans for ageing gracefully. And apart from Dear Mother, The Dame is about as good a role model in my book as any. Fit, sexy, blonde - and 66 years old. If this can be my future, bring it on.

Regrettably, there are not many pictures on the web of Helen Mirren not on the red carpet, unless she's displaying her amazing body on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean. And I'm not using those pic's because, frankly, there is a point where admiration just becomes downright envy.

3. Sienna Miller.

And to someone who I only know as Jude Law's ex-wife and style icon. I have no idea what else she might be famous for, so presumably whatever it is she's not that good at it. But she does fashion and ex-wifing very well.

4. Marieke Hardy.

Unless you live in Melbourne, or are a fan of fabulous Australian literarally-minded women (Is that a word? 'Literarally'? Minded in the way of literature, then), you may not know too much more about Marieke other than she's the younger chick on the ABC's First Tuesday Book Club. Either way, I admire her style (and writing) and have a bit of a crush on her. There, I said it.

Again, regrettably, mostly promo pic's available of Marieke on the web. Good for her brand management and privacy, not so good for my intent of capturing celebrity style in their natural habitat.

5. Audrey Tautou / Amelie.

This is really much more about the movie, although the real-life woman is also stunning in that irritating, stereotypical French way. But essentially just an excuse to indulge in the movie styling.

6. Emma Watson.

I know I said 'top 5' but I lied because Top 5 sounds better. Please try to get over it.

She was picked up as Burberry's Girl several years ago and I'm sure that has helped develop an elegance of style. And her excellent Englishness helps. Either way, she pulls it off and I'm jeal, man.

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(By the way, if you like the pictures and want to see more, click on a picture and it will take you to the original source where you can further appreciate the work of the blogger/photographer/website, for which I am thankful. They make the money, I don't.)

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