Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspirations :: the Puff Daddy.

And.....I'm back. A week or two hiatus whilst we got the Melbourne Marathon, a sojourn to New Caledonia and family weekend to Cobram done. More about them another time.

I've decided to start a new classification of posts called Inspirations. This is where I stumble across excellent things on the web from the crafty, cooking or decorating side of things. I could alternatively call it 'Things I Love And Would Like To Make But There's Just Not Enough Time Before I Die' but that sounded a bit grim. 'Inspirations' is more upbeat. And shorter. Sort of replaces the 'Favorite Sites' tag.

'Puff Daddy' from

So, first one is the Puff Daddy. Not sure if Sean Coombs knows about it. I have a pattern for a pouffe (also called an ottoman but saying 'pouffe' is a teensy bit funny...and juvenile...) which is an Amy Butler pattern, but of course, I haven't had time to make it. May do in the future.

The Puff Daddy is a knitted pouffe stuffed with feather and down. It sounds great, but I'm not sure that it might look a bit holey where the knitted fabric is stretched? Might need to make a cotton liner in the same color as the wool.

It comes from an excellent site called Pickles. Another favorite. Hope it inspires you, too.

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