Monday, January 9, 2012

Finger-knittin' fun!

When I was a kid my mum taught me how to fingerknit. And do you think I could remember how to do it now? No way, Jose! So how glad was I when one of my favorite blogs put up this post? Very.

Clever Anne from Flax & Twine put up this post about how to do finger knitting. It is so cute and excellent! And easy! And it brings back so many memories...

It strikes me that it might even be an activity that Jack might be able to do, even with his reduced and inconsistent fine motor skills and control, as he could wind the wool around the fingers on the left hand (which has more spasticity) and control the wool with his better right hand. But maybe age 3 is too early to get his interest? We can only try.

Give it a crack yourself and see how easy and fun it is!

Note: Sorry about no accent over the 'e' in Jose. How do you get that into typing, anyway???

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