Monday, January 16, 2012

Thai-time :: Pork and Zucchini stirfry.

This is how a professional does it.....
Lately I have been trying to limit how much I've been spending at the supermarket. The freezer, pantry and fridge are groaning with produce - and it ain't all fresh. When I look beyond the everyday staples parked at the front, I find things submerged in the freezer pack ice and stashed in the pantry corners which are approaching, and in some cases well past, their expiry dates.

Okay, maybe I'm painting a fairly desperate situation, but then I did just empty the contents of about 9 jars of assorted pestos, relishes, curry pastes and asian sauces WELL past their date into the compost bin tonight - so let's not pretend there is not some cause for eyebrow raising here!

That said, I had pork mince in the freezer (only about 2 weeks!) which I needed to use. Hello Chef Google! I found a perfect meal for a balmy Melbourne evening where I had almost everything it required. A little raiding of the herb garden, some ingredient substitution and hey presto! Dinner at 6.

...but when I cook it....
I found this recipe for Thai Pork Stir-fry. I substituted homegrown zucchini for the green beans and yellow thai curry paste for the massaman curry paste. Lemongrass, chili and thai basil from the garden. My well-stocked pantry provided the rest! looks a little different!

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