Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Things #6/366 :: Pompom garlands.

We're having a little party for our Nell-bell in a couple of weeks - one already! - and so I've begun organising.

As part of the decorations I thought some garlands of pompoms would be cute, so today, in between the chaos of meals and Jack learning to use his new scooterboard, I put together a few garlands to help get the party started.

I bought a few packets of felt balls of varying sizes and colors from a $2 shop. Using some scrap ribbon which was quite fine, and a large-eyed needle, I sat down and began threading. I also had some leftover coloured beads which I added in here and there, knotting before each addition of either ball or beads, trying to space them relatively evenly. I wanted a very haphazard look - easily achieved with my crafting! - and so cut the ribbon into varying lengths.

I'm pretty happy with the result. I'd like to do a few more, but really you can get a good effect with just a few. The great thing is that there are very few materials and it's done easily in front of the TV, or even on the train or waiting in the doctor's waiting room! and is lots of fun. It could easily be done by kids once they are old enough to use the needle (it doesn't have to be a terribly sharp one).

So, job done! I really love them. Have a go!

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